MKRS Place

Welcome to the new home of the MKRS! MKRS is one of the most innovative and beautiful collections on Solana. It was originally designed as a way to bridge web2 and web3 communities and that will always remain a primary focus. There have been a lot of changes since the initial mint in summer of 2022. But we are just getting started.

Origin Story

How did we get here? The MKRS collection was originally launched by Based (formerly known as Message Party). Based was a VC backed startup that was developing a Solana NFT-centric messaging application. Because of this the collection had two primary priorities: increase user adoption of the app and incentivize daily activity within the app. To this end the collection was relatively large (6,002 originally) and there were complicated monthly pool payouts tied to the MKRS owned and app activity. People then collected MKRS to maximize their monthly payout. The MKRS Pool multiplier system changed regularly and was overly complex. Not only did it discourage new users but long time holders often struggled to understand it. In March 2023 Based announced that it no longer considered its app feasible and was shutting down the company. Shortly after that the staking platform they had been using also shutdown causing almost a third of MKRS to be permanently frozen. Management of the MKRS collection was then handed over to tedoc in April 2023.


In order to preserve the amazing MKRS artwork and community it was decided that the best path forward was to remint the entire collection. This would allow us to make the owners with frozen MKRS whole while also establishing new creator and update authority accounts that weren't associated with Based. In September 2023 the new collection was minted and airdropped to the legacy owners. The artwork and metadata of old collection was updated to indicate that collection was now worthless and should be burned. These "BURN ME" NFTs will never factor into any future plans.

The New XP Meta

As part of the transition to a new post-Based MKRS world several changes have been made to the MKRS metadata. Any references to "Based” in the metadata have been removed. e.g. “Based Blue” hair has become “Basic Blue”. Without the app and the VC backing there was no longer a need for the MKRS Pool. All of the complicated multipliers could be scrapped. This includes Based Passes, Twins, Cards, etc. However since people grinded to get specific MKRS and likely paid a premium for certain traits we wanted to recognize that going forward. Our priority is to make the transition fair for everyone while setting the collection up for future. So the old multiplier system has been factored into a new XP trait. Each MKRS starts with an XP of 1. If it is a twin then it gets +1, a triplet +2, a quadruplet +3, etc. This concept is applied to the other multipliers as well. This results in the individual MKRS having their rarity baked into their metadata as a trait that can be inspected in the secondary markets without having to understand the legacy multiplier system. The XP trait will be critical going forward.

What's Next? MKRS MRGR!

The goal of the collection is to return value to the holders. We want to pump everyone's bags. MKRS have had the concept of dynamic rarity from the beginning with the introduction of new levels and traits. We are now cranking the dynamic aspect of that to 11! Instead of traits and rarity changing a couple times a year, the new MRGR mechanics introduce updates constantly. Updating your MKRS is now in your control. Check out the MKRS MRGR site to get started.


Can I burn the "BURN ME" MKRS?
Yes! Please do. They serve no purpose and aren't worth selling.

Why can't I burn all of the "BURN ME" MKRS?
Many are permanently frozen. There is nothing we can do about that since the freeze authority was held by a third party. This was a poor decision on Based's part. This was the main reason for reminting the entire collection. They best you can do is to hide that collection in your wallet. We've been trying to reach the staking dev and if this ever changes will let you know.

How do I know my MKRS is legit?
Simply check the creator address in Solscan. Real MKRS will have a single creator of MKRSyd2sePfeSt1xE45Jf88pp1vHwHtd5T58h8b5agh.

Are there plans for First Verse or LISA?
No. While we love those collections and might include them in giveways or other promotions they won't factor into our long term plans. Based still retains the update authority and royalty wallet for those.

How can I get other questions answered?
Join our MKRS Discord server. You can get your questions answered there by our amazing community. You can also open a support ticket if you think there was an issue with your remint, airdrop, merge or any other on-chain problems.